Tokan (2013) 

Tokan (2013)

Mr. Gan shocking news of the death of all TOKAN in Malaysia., Including Mr. Kamil. Mr. Kamil is the father of Suri and Wana, was also the largest TOKAN in Malacca. There are 7 other Tokan under his authority, including Matt Lobe.

Mat Lobe is one of the youngest TOKAN among other TOKAN in Malacca. Mat Lobe is a funny and playful. Suri, Wana, Yusof and Solihin also often stirred by Matt Lobe
Solihin is one of the TOKAN in Malacca. Solihin is a creative in drug manufacturing processes. He spent a lot of time in the laboratory to process and study new drugs produced by him. Yusof moved to Kuala Lumpur to find a job and was offered a job at a factory owned by Mr. Kamil. After working for a few months at the factory, Mr. Kamil has taken Yufos as his own son. Yusof was taken as security guards and bodyguards of Mr. Kamil.

After a long time Yusof work with the Mr Kamil, Yusof was never hurt or harmed until he met Rano. Rano, is a soldier who has withdrawn from military service due to be hired by someone to kill all TOKAN in Malaysia. In addition to carrying out the mission hired, Rano also grudge against TOKAN in Malaysia because his brother had become a drug mule arrested in Brazil.

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